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Reasons To Be Cheerful – EssexInLove Is Here To Help

If you live or work in Essex, or just like the place and are looking for a date, EssexInLove is a helpful friendly dating site especially there to help Essex singles get together. If you are located in this corner of the country, getting together for a date with someone who lives in, say, Durham or Cardiff, is a real hassle, so why not look around at your local area first and see how many single men and women there are within easy range. You will be pleasantly surprised!

I started EssexInLove in 2006 and have built up a healthy menbership of single men and women living and working in the county. With a population of over 1.3 million, Essex is one of the most populous counties, with a large number of its residents commuting into London every day. It’s hard to say how many of these people are actually looking for a new love/companion/partner/fling or whatever, but amongst them all, there will be someone for everyone!

You’d think finding someone to go out with would be easy – we meet so many people through work, family and socialising in general but somehow, it doesn’t always work out. Dating on line is just another way of meeting people which has become more and more mainstream and acceptable. Everyone can do it, whatever their age or location, job, beliefs, financial level or health. It suits everyone, young and old, especially if very busy, isolated or shy, and can be an excellent start to a new life. Searching for a local girl or boyfriend makes sense because until you actually get to meet up, it’s hard to know whether or not you are going to get on. Even if you have been emailing & chatting, either through the chat room or on the phone, it makes sense not to travel out of your area to meet someone for the 1st time on the off chance, when in fact there are 100s of suitable single men and women in Essex.

Makes sense – look locally, cut down on the wasted time and cost travelling and meet up with a local. If nothing else, you’ll be able to chat about all things Essex to break the ice but be careful of some of those dreadful Essex jokes………





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How many loves do elephants have? If you think about it, now we all live so much longer chances are could will spend 40 or more years with the same partner but in truth, how many of us actually do? There are so many events in life now – divorce is available to everyone and apparently, over 60% of divorces are instigated by women. The reasons are many and varied but with greater financial independence and less disapproval, women feel less constrained. Unfortunately, we may lose our partner to an accident or illness and actually, quite a lot of people reach their middle years having never committed to a long term partnership. So, where do the unwilling singles go? (If you live in Essex, Essex In Love of course!)

Love Everlasting

While some of us are quite happy on our own, many of us are not and still yearn for a loving companion but how on earth do we meet someone suitable? At work, through friends/family, by joining a club or hobbies group, at a party or just by chance. It sounds easy but in fact, it’s not which is why so many singles turn to internet dating, hoping to connect with a man or woman they’d like to share a part of their lives with. You need to have a good attitude towards internet dating before you start because to an extent, it is a numbers game. An open mind, reasonable expectations, a sense of humour, relaxed time scale and a fairly thick skin are essential. There will be timewasters, plonkers, financial and/or sexual predators, saddos, liars, crooks and generally not very pleasant people out there amongst the majority of really nice genuine singletons. It is up to you to filter them out. You may meet several dozen people over a period and not find anyone you like but there again, you could meet the person of your dreams on your second date. Online dating involves taking a chance , as does everything in life and nothing ventured, nothing gained. Read between the lines of someone’s profile. Email them and try and get a feeling for the kind of person they are. Look through the overly optimistic impression they may give of themselves and use your experience of everyday life when assessing potential dates. Use your common sense and be flexible. You may find the partner you end up with is nothing like the person you thought you were looking for at the beginning.


Turn Yourself Into An Essex Girl

The Essex Look

Get The Essex Girl Look

For 8 hours of torture and £1,200, journalist Laura Topham put herself through an Essex makeover and ended up looking like one of the TOWIE girls. As well as a lovely gold bandage dress, she invested in some killer heels, fake tan, hair extensions, eyelash & brow work, nails and full make up. She said that though she looked like a Quality Sweet, she seemed to fit in well with the girls tottering around Loughton.

She started in TOWIE star Lauren’s salon at Buckhurst Hill and got a fast tan, nice an dark, then went to the hair dresser for extensions and the rest. Then her lashes are extended – who ever thought of this? Laura thought the results were astounding and looked like a mascara advert. Not cheap but no expense spared for our Essex girls! Then the brow enhancement, gel nails and the full monty with a make up artist.

What were Laura’s thoughts after her transformation? Mixed, I guess, and she was quite shocked by her appearance, though not unpleasantly. Seems the guys took quite a shine to her when she went out and about, though she was relieved to get back to her usual look, albeit with a lingering tan.

On the basis that the TOWIE look seems to attract the blokes, how far would you go girls when trying to attract a date? Get yourself down the beauty parlour and find yourself an Essex hunk to date this weekend….


Find Your Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day Again – Find Love Fast!

Nothing ventured …….. Be a 2012 early bird on EssexInLove and find yourself a tasty worm before someone else snaffles it. The beauty of checking out potential ‘suitors’ and friends via a dating site is that you can cover a lot of ground without having to leave home. Your chances of finding a kindred spirit are increased thanks to all the ‘tools’ at your disposal. Even if you don’t want to meet up with someone, you can have fun chatting online and sending emails, SMS messages and video profiles. You can complete and read diary entries, send winks to anyone you fancy and much more. Send fun virtual gifts, such as champagne, cake, a kitten, a rose or some sunshine and make someone’s day. Also, by communication through EssexInLove you are protecting yourself from scammers so make full use of our service.

Doing your social homework on EssexInLove can be great fun and livens up many a dull winter’s day or evening. Search the site, look at other people’s profiles and fill in one of our special profiling questionnaires’ which will help you find an even closer match. Check out your birth date report, register your mobile number for love alerts and have a look at your horoscope. As you will see, becoming a member of EssexInLove can save you a lot of time, effort and beer money by establishing contact before you start. If at first you don’t succeed ….. move on ….. you’ll have fun continuing your search and there will be lot of new profiles appearing all the time. There are thousands of interesting, eager people on our site who will make many new friends before they find their perfect match.


Come and share the exciting opportunities offered by this Valentine’s Day.


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